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Anne Thorne

Kansas City floral designer

Flowers have always played an important role in my life. When visiting my grandpa for the summer he’d always have a fresh vase of lilacs in my room waiting for me. That intoxicating smell will always take me back there. He taught me all about holding buttercups under your chin and would always ask me to go shake the columbine stems to spread the seeds. His son, my dad, would have me pick our pansies each day and display them in little vases around our house because they were beautiful and because that was his job as a kid. He’d teach me the names of all the flowers and plants we saw. Flowers are in my blood, I guess. My family always got me down at dirt level, close enough to understand and really experience it, teaching me to commune with nature and I love them for it.


I went on to study art and horticulture and work in a greenhouse in college, so basically when I wasn’t studying flowers, I was planting them, covered in dirt and memorizing Latin names. A dream! Flowers will forever connect me to the experiences and people I love and as a florist I try to share that love, respect and awe with you. Creating work that feels natural, fun and full of life.


My goal with Thorne Floral is to make your floral experience a happy and memorable one, to be attentive to your wants and needs and able to successfully convey the feeling you want for your wedding, event or experience, those days that you’ll never forget.


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